Management principles

  1. Hikma aims for leadership in the global generic market with good return on investment to share holders.
  2. Applying the highest quality standards in everything we do is a Hikma principle. We consistently implement quality systems incorporating quality assurance, quality control and good manufacturing practice concepts.
  3. Hikma produces quality products and ensures that its products will provide the desired effect and perform as indicated.
  4. Hikma respects its employees and believes that they are equal regardless of their religion, sex, race, family origin, professional or political beliefs. As such, all employees are treated with the same respect and integrity.
    1. An open door policy is implemented at Hikma. Managers are encouraged to listen and try to resolve employees’ professional and personal problems.
    2. Hikma compensation will match or exceed the competitive average in a given location.
  5. Hikma invests in and develops its employees by hiring the most qualified people and developing their careers. Training encompasses formal training, on the internship training and internship rotation. It is Hikma policy to give priority to its employees in filling vacancies and promotions.
  6. Hikma is socially responsible and recognizes the need to live in harmony with and contribute towards improving its community.
    1. The first cornerstone of Hikma social responsibility is that it cares for its employees and their families. Hikma provides decent income and benefits including but not limited to special child care assistance programs to working mothers and employment of handicapped persons.
    2. The second cornerstone of Hikma social responsibility is its policy to be environmentally friendly in all its locations. Hikma implements the latest developments in recycling, proper waste treatment and prevention of environmental hazards in all its facilities.
    3. The third cornerstone is Hikma’s policy to donate and encourage employees to actively participate and donate to worthy causes and community activities.